GCC for Windows 64 & 32 bits


Mingw-w64 is an advancement of the original mingw.org project, created to support the GCC compiler on Windows systems. It has forked it in 2007 in order to provide support for 64 bits and new APIs. It has since then gained widespread use and distribution.

The development and community are very active and welcoming with new contributors every month and simple installers.

Version 9 has been released

v9.0.0: 2021-05-22

Notable changes:

  • UCRT updates by Biswapriyo Nath
  • Wine updates by Jacek Caban
  • Various new and updated API headers by Biswapriyo Nath and Liu Hao
  • Various UCRT and MSVCRT fixes by Martin Storsjö
  • at_quick_exit implementation by Martin Storsjö
  • dism API by Biswapriyo Nath
  • idl fixes by Steve Lhomme
  • Winpthreads fixes by Liu Hao
  • gettimeofday precision increase by Christian Franke
And many other additions thanks to, but not limited to (in Alphabetical order)

You can also look at the full list of versions.

Headers, Libraries and Runtime

  • More than a million lines of headers are provided, not counting generated ones, and regularly expanded to track new Windows APIs.
  • Everything needed for linking and running your code on Windows.
  • Winpthreads, a pthreads library for C++11 threading support and simple integration with existing project.
  • Winstorecompat, a work-in-progress convenience library that eases conformance with the Windows Store.
  • Better-conforming and faster math support compared to Visual Studio's.


  • gendef: generate Visual Studio .def files from .dll files.
  • genidl: generate .idl files from .dll files.
  • widl: compile .idl files.

Friend projects

Mingw-w64 interacts a lot with other projects in order to help everyone move forward. Contributions have been going to and coming from these projects:

Most Recent Activity

Amin Yahyaabadi created ticket #942

Undefined references to 'WinMain' or `wWinMain` in standard C++

Martin Storsjö committed [89bacd]

crt: Regenerate Makefile.in

Martin Storsjö committed [bceadc]

crt: Redirect access() to __mingw_access() on UCRT

LH_Mouse committed [82fe04]

headers: Add missing symbols in winnt.h

Martin Cordova posted a comment on discussion Help

Hi, I am use GCC-12 on Linux with -flto, if I don't use more than 1 task I receive this warning: lto-wrapper: warning: using serial compilation of 8 LTRANS jobs lto-wrapper: note: see the '-flto' option documentation for more information Using -flto=8 solves the problem (no more warning) and compiles faster, about 40% faster in my case. I receive the same warning on Windows with GCC-12 (installled via MSYS2), but adding -flto=8 triggers an error about MAKE not finding some files, I have to setup...

Martin Cordova created ticket #184

GCC-12: How to speedup link time optimization? -flto=8 not working

LH_Mouse committed [faddce]

headers: Add missing APIs and symbols in winternl.h

LH_Mouse committed [4f8959]

headers: Fix const timeval parameters in winsock functions

LH_Mouse committed [99b881]

crt/dxguid: Add d3d12 headers

Debashish Ghosh modified a comment on discussion Open Discussion

I tried building mingw-w64 (using gcc toolchain) with --enable-libsanitizer (in the configure step), but the build failed with the following error: ../../../../src/libsanitizer/sanitizer_common/sanitizer_win_defs.h:69:11: error: expected constructor, destructor, or type conversion before ‘(’ token 69 | __pragma(comment(linker, "/alternatename:" WIN_SYM_PREFIX STRINGIFY(Name) "="\ | ^ Looks like they are expecting it to be built by MSVC (__pragma is MSVC specific) 😞